Lotte World : Prayer Room?

When I went to Lotte World, I find it hard to perform shalat (pray). At first, I already checked in internet about prayer room availability in Lotte World. I found this linkĀ I was glad at that moment because there was a prayer room on 4th floor of Lotte World. But then, when the time to do shalat was coming and I was getting confused which part of 4th floor that I could use to perform shalat, I asked a women in information desk.

Me : Ehm, chogiyo yongo haseyo?

Officer : Yes, may I help you?

Me : Is there any prayer room in lotte world?

Officer : What? Prayer room?

Me : Ehm, yeaah. (I make a body language that signs praying)

Office : Ah sorry, there’s no prayer room here

Me : But,……. I found a website that showed me place to pray in lotte world

Officer : Hemm, maybe you can pray in resting area ( The officer gave me a map of lotte world)

Okay, there were more than 1 resting area and I was going to 2nd floor. I followed the map, and found out that the resting area wass just like a corridor with a bench near the wall. Near that corridor there were some shop and even long queque for a game attraction. That resting area was full of people. Dear Officer in information desk, HOW CAN I PERFORM SHALAT??? I am going to be crazy. Because I am a little bit tired, I sat on a bench and I saw an Exit Stairs. I just got an idea to perform shalat in the Exit Stairs. I went downstairs because I think few people will go there. I performed my shalat. Yeah, there were some people come accross. About 3 times.

1st times : “Whoa, what is she doing” They seemed scared because of my praying clothes (mukenah) and they were running. It was disturbing for me, but what can I sat?

2nd time : “Hemm, (korean language)….kidoshil…” In Korea, kidoshil means prayer room. Maybe that people just understand that I need kidoshil.

3rd time : There was a woman, she didn’t even walk. Lucklily, it was the last part of my prayer. I told her to just keep walking because she didn’t even bother me.

I am going to ask korea tourism about this matter. As soon as possible.

In sleepy conditon after coming back from lotte world,

1.02 am

Ewha Dormitory