Smart Shopper : Between Brand and Budget

Today, I went to Grand Indonesia with my best friend. Actually I want to see Young Business Movement, a kind of event that gather young entrepreneurship in Indonesia, that event last until 22th June 2014 and held by SWA Magazine (business magazine). When I finally arrived at the place, I am a little bit disappointed since there’s only a few number of brands, mostly brands of food and beverages while I prefer buy some apparels. So, I just looked around and I found this local brands :

Lomberg Bags (

Koolastuffa (

Dacia (Instagram : @daciacollection)

and of course there were some other brand that I didn’t remember.

At first, I only bought a dessert on those booths in Young Business Movement event. I bought an ice cream cake. Stereo Dessert, that’s the ice cream cake’s brand. More info about this dessert on


Hmm, for about IDR 30.000 I could taste that sweets. Yeah, the price is a little bit expensive maybe because for about IDR 25.000 I could get a slice of Cheesecake Factory’s cake which size is bigger than that ice cream cake. Forget it, I just wanted to try. Hehehe.

Since I could’t find any apparels, my eyes captured some discount banner. I never been the type of discount-hunter, but still, I wanted to but clothes. That’s why finally I came to some outlets that had discounted items :p

1. Forever 21

When I was a high school student, I never imagine buying apparel on Forever 21, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, etc. I thought its price were expensive. As I grown up, I changed my mind, haha. Actually yes the price were expensive, but there were many clothes with a wide range of price. So, I thought somehow the price matched my budget. Forever 21 in Grand Indonesia were having an up to 70% discount. I really wanted to show a pictures, but I couldn’t find dress that I bought on So, maybe I show it next time. No exchange for discounted items on Forever 21.

Price : IDR 289.000 – Discount Price : IDR 190.000

2. H&M

I didn’t really interested with this sweden brand, but this brand was my best friend’s favorites. I thought H&M apparel colors were just so-so not that really eye-catching, yeah everyone has it’s own preferences. Surprisingly, a shoes captured my eyes. The shoes was a girly one, but I have no sneakers at home. Yes, finally I bought the shoes. It was a worth-it shoes. Exchange available within 7 days with original receipt and price tag.

Price : IDR 149.900


Worth it right? I prefer but this shoes than a flat shoes. Maybe the shoes model was basic, but still I like it.

3. Pull & Bear

Pull & Bear was one of my favorites. I never really wanted to leave a Mall without entering Pull & Bear outlet, hahaha. I bought a cardigan. I loved this cardigan’s fabric, actually it’s cotton as same as other cardigan materials. Exchange available within 30 days with original receipt.


Price : IDR 199.900 – Discount Price : 169.900

I got some apparels which carried brands on it. Yeah, there was a saying if you bay expensive brands means you’re not only buy items but also the brands. Being a smart shopper for me, means you can buy items that comes from well-known brands and still match with your budget.

Do you dare to be a smart shopper?

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11.53 PM, June 20th, 2014

In my bedroom