Looking For Low Price Korean Souvenirs?

During my stay in Seoul on July – August 2013, I visited some places especially place to but korean souvenirs. As I gained experience in South Korea, I still remember people back in my hometown. My mom, my dad, my brother, my grandma and grandpa, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my best friend, my friends in college, etc. I wanted to give them some present or maybe a souvenirs, exactly anything that made in Korea hahaha. Before I went to Seoul, of course I seek some information about which places that sell souvenirs. Below are some places that I went there when I was in Seoul.


Insadong Market

See more info about getting to go to Insadong in here or here. I went nearby Insadong with my friends back then, but I don’t find it really interesting. Maybe I was just too tired at that time, because it was afternoon. I still remember that Insadong really a tourist-friendly place, the place was not too crowded. You can buy souvenirs in Insadong, even I didn’t go there but I suggest you to just window shopping there and ask the seller about the souvenir’s price. So when you go to another places that also sell souvenirs, you can make a price comparison.


Dongdaemun: Doota Mall

Craving for Korean style clothing? This is the right place. There were clothing stores that sell in high price and low price, you choose. There were some building, I just keep going at that time. I move to one building to another, window shopping, sometimes I enter store that captured my eyes. There were souvenir sellers inside a building or just a street seller. I asked the price, I didn’t make any judgement whether it was expensive or cheap because that was the first place I look for souvenirs. Know more about Dongdaemun and how to get there by clicking this.


Namdaemun Market

THIS IS THE PLACE. I went to namdaemun market, at that time I and my friends were going everywhere. We were so curious about every building, everything that the sellers sell. First, we were going to Tourist Information in namdaemun market. Then we took steps from one building to another, one side of street to another. I don’t really remember which building I entered, but I found korean souvenirs at good prices. Really! I only remember an ORANGE BUILDING. I entered the building, I was going here and there, the place exactly not in the 1st floor. The price is really really worth it, I even came back twice haha. Thirsd actually, the second time was like a holiday so the store was closed. Please don’t buy at the street sellers if you want low price, except you don’t mind about price. Find out about namdaemun here and namdaemun map in here.


I bought some souvenirs such as keychain, refrigerator magnet, mini purse, pencel case, I even bought ceramic things. I just love the price in that orange building seller. It was worth it to spend money for souvenirs there. I am very sorry I really forget about the price, hem maybe it is 1000 Won for the pencil case. But the pencil case in the picture is 1200 Won, because it has  good colors than regular pencil case.

By the way I found out the orange building is Daedong Shopping Centre, I read about that in here. One more thing, to confirm that I am not the only one that think the orange building has cheap price for souvenirs, just read this.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about low price souvenirs in Seoul, maybe I can help 🙂

Image source: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

Happy Traveling to Seoul 😀


2 thoughts on “Looking For Low Price Korean Souvenirs?

  1. Hi! Thank you for the tips! What is the best time to go to Namdaemun Market? Is it okay to go there around 7am to 11am? I saw some blogs that most of the stores in Seoul opens at 10am.

  2. Hi! Thank you for reading my blog. Yes, most stores open at 10 am. I confirm it with my korean friends. I was going to Namdaemun at around 9 am, arrived at about 10.15 then I explore the market. I suggest you to do the same. You have to know how long does it take to go from your hotel to Namdaemun. I personally like it when I arrived at store at the same time with opening time.

    Hope you experience a wonderful travelling and souvenir hunting time 🙂

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