Hey, I am using KLIA Express!

One thing that I don’t like but I can’t avoild when I go abroad is walking while carrying my luggage. If I have more money, I think I prefer to use taxi or rent a car. I like walking, really, but only if I carry a backpack not a luggage. Another thing that I prefer is using train, it is much easier for me to get to my destination with a train instead of using public bus.

Just last month, I went to Malaysia, especially Selangor. When it came to my time to go back to Indonesia, I was confused what public transportation I have to use to go to the airport. Then one of my friend told me to use KLIA Transit, but to reach the KLIA Transit I have to go to KL Sentral. Luckily my hotel was located in Ampang, not really far from Kuala Lumpur. KL Sentral or Kuala Lumpur Sentral is a transit hub, get to know more about KL Sentral here.

Alhamdulillah, my friend took me to KL Sentral by her car. No need to use public transportation to go there, especially because I had a big luggage to carry on. Then I asked some people where to but the ticket for using KLIA Transit. Alhamdulillah again, I saw a big information board titled ‘KLIA Express.’ It just came in my mind that KLIA Express might be a better transportation to go to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Then when my friend asked the girl on the ticket counter, the girl said that I better use KLIA Express to go to the airport.

I walked a little bit, to another ticket counter. I had to pay 35 RM or about 10 USD. I was so happy because I didn’t have to carry my luggage in a long time. KLIA Express is a train actually. Then I was waiting for the elevator. But then, I was getting confused about which floor button I have to press, because no information inside the elevator. I was started to panic, but I haven’t press any button yet. Only 1 minutes later, the elevator is opened because a man and a porter want to use the elevator too. One of them was carrying a big luggage like mine, he pressed 1st floor button. Haha, I feel relieved. Somehow I think maybe I have to go to the 1st floor too.

When I already sat on the bench to wait for the train, by the way KLIA Express come every 20 minutes, I asked a woman whether this was the place to wait for KLIA Express to go to the airport. Fortunately, she said yes 🙂


– There is a wi-fi in the waiting room for the KLIA Express to come.

– There is also a wi-fi inside the KLIA Express.

– It is only 28 minutes trip to go to the airport.

That is cool, right? BUT, I don’t know whether this is wrong or right, but inside the train there is no spot to place big luggage. So, I ended up placing my luggade near my seat at that time. I was spending time by chatting with my friends until I reached Kuala Lumpur International Airport 🙂

The image above is taken from this link.

Have a nice journey everyone!


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