I like the concept of Kyo-Chon

One of my favorite things while hanging out with my best friend is trying new foods, I mean new restaurant haha. Back then, I was convinced to try Kyo-Chon. Actually the name Kyo-Chon wasn’t familiar, but I ended up going there. The icon of the restaurant was Lee Min Hoo. The interrior wasn’t really sophisticated, but for the sake of following my feeling of trying something new, I remain calm and not giving any further comment to my best friend.

Kyo-Chon Menu

Kyo-Chon Menu

I received the menu and began to look around, I even took a look at a brochure of Kyo-Chon. Gladly, I found right away what I like about this restaurant. Here’s the list :

–       No Pork, doesn’t mean halal but anyway it’s good.

–       No MSG

–       Using Canola Oil, bye bye ordinary cooking oil.

–       All food made right away after order, say no to junk food babe.




Chicken Drumstick

But……the price was quite expensive, haha. The taste of the foods I ordered were delicious I swear. The chicken drumstick was somewhat melting in my mouth with honey flavour and the hottoek had a really strange taste but I got used to it. There was also service charge beside the tax.  Afterall, I thought it was worthed it. But, still no halal logo huhuhuhu.


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