Mind your Stress: Menjadi Lebih Baik saat Stres

In the middle of my procrastination time, I am usually looking for some inspirative article or videos to get me motivated, to break this bad habit of me. Beside seeking good advice on the holy Al-Qur’an, I tend to watch some videos on ted.com

There are lots of new information and inspiration on the website. But then, I am a native of Bahasa Indonesia, so it takes more time for me to understand the Ted Talks videos. Back to my effort to get me motivated, I found this video.

Screenshot 2016-02-05 at 17.24.09

The good thing is Kelly McGonigal speaks in a good intonation, not too fast and not to slow. I find it nice to hear the way she speaks. Anyway, there is Indonesian subtitle for this video.

Things to Think from the video.

  • The way I respond toward stress determine the way stress affect me.
  • When your heart beat increase, you are feeling anxious, see it as the way your body helps you to overcome something new, to make you biologically courage.
  • Stress makes me social.


Feeling curious about the talks? Watch the video, and get better at stress.


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