Have you thought the same?

I have some photos I like and I want to post it on instagram or facebook. I can just post it right away, it is my own account anyway. But then, I remember the feeling of seeing someone’s instagram photos and the thoughts that come along the way.

  • When I see a graduation photo: Ugh, I really envy, when will I graduate?
  • When I see a photo of someone travelling to another country: Hem, I really want to go there too, when will I be?
  • When I see a photo of a fashionable hijabers: Wow, that is cool. Hem, I want to try that kind of style, is that acceptable?

Well, unconciously the photo you post on instagram somehow influence people who see it. The photos you post will elaborate people’s mind. It will be great if the things you post influence someone in a good way or make them happy in any way.

I am just afraid if I post a photo. It will influence people in a negative way or make someone is envy. I know I just have to think positively. But I don’t want to be someone who stimulate any bad thoughts first.

Instagram is not my diary. But isn’t it just good to post the good things that happens in our life? I hope I don’t have the desire to show off things I have or things I experience. Because in the end, I will be the one who responsible for my acts.

For those who feel the same as me, I hope Allah Swt ease your feeling and count our thought as a good thing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Have you thought the same?

  1. I thought the same 😉 -menjaga perasaan yang melihat, ceunah-
    Tapi bedanya, kadang instagram jd jurnal perjalanan idup buatku wkwk. Mengingatkan (diri sendiri) dan org lain dlm rangka kebaikan. ♥♡♥♡♥♡

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