Lesson from Nokia: We are doing nothing, and it is wrong.

Not long ago, someone shared a link to the whatsapp group I involved in. The link contains just few paragraph, I just need less than 10 minutes to read this.


CEO of Nokia. This picture is taken from the above link.

It was sad to see the picture, it was like I knew what he was feeling.

I have been told about change management and how importance it is. But, it is really an abstract concept. I mean how can we manage the change? It likes we are predicting the future and get ready for it. But, the article earlier really a lesson for me.

As Nokia CEO said “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.”

Then my friend, Debora, in the whatsapp group typed that the lesson is “we are doing nothing, and it is wrong.”

Fiuh, since when do the world moves this quickly? May God give us strength to face the today’s and future challenge šŸ™‚


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