I watch this on Saturday and I cried

“Somehow I realised my mother gives me the so called unconditional love. Because my choices always up to me, she never really forced me into anything. She nourished me, feed and watered me, so I can stand up because I am fully equipped with almost whatever I need.” – 12.23 on LINE chat.

A friend of mine told me to watch a ted video about over-parenting. I cried after seeing the video. I was moved and I recap all episodes of my life until now. Then I realized I can’t be more proud of my mom. She never forced me to become what she wants, she gives me advices and never doubt my choice even though it is something different.

Julie Lythcott-Haims: How to raise successful kids without over-parenting

You should watch this too. Hope you’ll find it inspiring 🙂


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