Being Captured by Sungkyunkwan Scandal Cast

Tough I don’t want to say it, but yes, I become very lazy in this free-from-college-life-period called holiday. I end up watching some korean dramas, even I watch a drama that I have watched it before, like there are nothing to do. One of dramas that I watch is Sungkyunkwan Scandal, why I want to watch it is simply because I like books or movies related to historical thing. It brings me a sense of grateful that life is changing until now and it gets better and better anyway. Another factor why I watch the drama also because there is Yoochun that play a lead male role, I don’t really think that he is a good actor but my friend once told me a drama that involves him and that drama is good, so be it. I believe in my friend and jump to an assumption that good dramas or movies have good casts behind.

I really recommend Sungkyunkwan Scandal to be watched, it has a good flow of story and good casts who play the characters. These are some characters that play on the drama that I just screen captured from


I like Yoo Ah In who play a role as Moon Jae Shin, actually really like and I think I am on the way of becoming his fans, butterflies are flying in my heart when I see him in the drama, haha. I will mention why I like Yoo Ah In in below, because I think readers may get bored on reading more paragraph.

1. Charming and Masculine: I don’t really think he is handsome, there are so many handsome man in the world. But the more I watch him play the character, the more I realized that I really feel his musculine side on the character. He is not doing anything sweet in the drama, but still he has some moves that gets my feeling into him, haha. Sorry for being too corny.

2. Great Acting Skill: I start to search more information about Yoo Ah In and I find out that he is also play in Fashion King drama which I don’t really like. I really remember time ehen I wacth Fashion King, I stop watch in beginning episodes. It is not good I think, the drama is just like not interesting and I don’t really get what the drama wants to say to the viewers, the flow of the story is about waird. Okay, that’s just an opinion of an amateur viewer aka me. Yoo Ah In play a lead male role in the drama, he gives me a weird feeling when I watch the drama. He is just looks not handsome, not charming, he is really a different character in Fashion King. He has a good acting skill on performing different character, I bet on it. I also begin to view some of his photoshoot and yes I see some evidence that he can make so many faces. I know, many actors can do that too, but still his masculinity gets me.



3. No Plastic Surgery (Maybe): I feel really in disguise when I find out Korean celebrities are doing plastic surgery. It is too much, not being grateful on what God has gives them. I don’t really forbid plastic surgery, but it is only come into my tolerance when someone gets hurt until his/her body parts become damage and then need a plastic surgery, or anything worse. But when it comes to makes one’s face more beautiful or handsome, it is become disgusting. I have read some articles and interview of Yoo Ah In, I think he doesn’t get any plastic surgery. Just look at his slant-eyes, it just a real evidence of Korean eyes. For more evidence, just watch his early drama or movie when he was a teenager.

THE FACT is that……….

I watch Fashion King drama first than Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I really remember I don’t like the lead male role of Fashion King which is Yoo Ah In. It just not likeable to see the character he plays and I become having a really-not-like-him-feeling. I feel he is no worth of become an actor. Now, I become surprised when I look into who are the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and the character that I admire is Yoo Ah In. How this life is turning my feeling upside and downside, is really is surprising. Hahaha. No wonder there is a saying that don’t like someone too much, don’t hate someone too much.

I really recommend people who are fans of Yoo Ah In or just find out his good acting skill to READ THIS

On the article that I suggest I feel relieved that there is someone who also think that Yoo Ah In has great acting skill but his drama is neve catch viewers’ hearts. By the way, I get those images above by exploring his fanbase blog One more thing, there is some of his habit that I don’t like, I don’t like people who smoke. I think he does smoke because I have seen some photo of him holding a lighter.

Warm Regards,

Me who somehow become a fans of Korean actor. Haha.