Experiencing living with stranger, thanks to Couchsurfing.com

Before my departure to South Korea, I was deciding where to stay after my internship. I added 4 more days to stay in South Korea. The very main question is “where should I stay?”. I can stay in a hotel, or for the cheaper one I can choose any guesthouse. But from a travel book that I read, I know a website, couchsurfing.com.

Couchsurfing.com provides you a chance to be a host for a traveller and also provides a place for traveller who look for a cheaper (or maybe we can say it FREE) place to stay. But hey, it’s like picking a cat in a sacks (okay it’s an indonesian proverbs that I change to english, ehehehe). I just sending a request to some people in South Korea, but I don’t know them in person. One of them replied my request. Yeah, I finally have a place to stay.

My host name is Jeeyoon Back, I only contact her via kakao talk. Sometimes I thought how about she is not serious about giving me a place to stay. How about she has another important plan at the day when I should stay at her house and she decide to abandon me? But, I remove all the negative thinking and PUFF! at the day where I should leave from dormitory, Jeeyoon Back, a.k.a my host even picked me up with her car. Okay once more, A NICE STRANGER FROM COUCHSURFING.COM WAS PICKING ME UP TO TAKE ME TO HER PLACE.

Am I happy? OF COURSE. Jeeyoon Back is a very nice host. I was living in her apartment in Gwanak-Gu, Seoul. At a first time, I don’t know what to say, yeah just an awkward moments in her car. But finally I can freely talked with her.

So, do you dare to try couchsurfing.com?