Being an Early Riser

Being an early riser is not difficult for some people, but its also difficult for some others. This issue really takes my concern. I have experienced how difficult it was to wake up at 5 a.m. and did Fajr pray. Most of my mornings begin with my mom’s saying “Are you going to do Fajr Pray or not?”. After that, I mostly say “Of course mom, of course” and get up like a zombie. After all, that’s all in the past. I have a new productive days ahead. Big Thanks to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. Because of his ‘helping hands’, in this past 2 weeks I can get up early before my mom says anything to me and before my alarm rings.

There is some hadiths about being early riser. I am googling some of it. But I haven’t found the one that I like yet. Skip about the hadiths. More than that, being an early riser really give a spirit to face the day. I mean, sometimes I feel like damn this 24 hours seem to fast and I haven’t completed some of my tasks that I want that to be completed before the next day. Now, it was a nonsense to me. Twenty-four-hour is a perfect time for a day. Being an early riser give me time to think how I will do today and let me do what I want to do earlier.

If there are someone out there who still think that being an early riser is not easy, I will say “Of course, I have experienced that. But look, people change. It’s only the matter of your will, your action, and your ability to believe that God will support you.” Also, if there are someone out there who still think that being an early riser is only for muslims, I will say “Make up your minds, it’s more than that.”

Do you dare to try being an early riser?